The idea for TrendQuarter was born during a New Years Eve birthday trip to Paris, the home of quality, independent fashion boutiques. Whilst there, Richie (TrendQuarter's founder) realised how difficult it is to locate the fashion boutiques that matched his exact fashion tastes and style choices.

On arrival back to the UK, Richie teamed up with Alex and his close friends  to develop a solution to this problem. His aim is to create the online gateway to independent fashion boutiques.

Through our Mobile App, TrendQuarter aims to deliver  fashion discovery and style innovation, by leading you directly to the fashion items you love.

The TrendQuarter App is designed to bring the best of independent fashion directly to your fingertips. The TrendQuarter team is dedicated to putting boutique stores back on the map.

What is TrendQuarter?

The TrendQuarter Fashion App is the only Click & Collect service that you need to locate and purchase undiscovered fashion items. 

TrendQuarter was created so you…

Stay Ahead. Effortlessly browse the latest selection of global fashion lookbooks, and find your next style inspiration.

Discover. Stay close to and discover the best independent fashion stores and browse their latest collections as soon as they become available.

Instant. Everything you see is available now, just click and collect.